Bridal Festival 2018

Our first Bridal Show Secrets

The Northwest's Premier Bridal Festival 2018

 January 13-14 at Spokane Convention Center

As a new upcoming business, we kept debating whether or not a bridal show was worth the investment, quite yet. Let me start off by saying, IT'S WORTH IT! We understood the exposure and potential growth that we would gain, although, we never expected to receive so much positive feedback - both the brides and other vendors!


What is a bridal show?

Bridal show is a trade show where all the wedding vendors come together in one event to present their ideas, services and what they have to offer. Bridal Festival is a local event that happens twice a year, mid January and late September. It gives brides an opportunity to find all their vendors in one place, the Spokane Convention Center. 

Bloom & Design

What inspired you?

At Bloom & Design, our primary focus is fresh flowers with a modern approach. We did just that. White and gold are the primary accents of our brand, clean yet modern. Our floral arrangements were inspired by the secret garden with a pop of spring. To create an enchanting aura, we created an upside down floral arrangement that floated within the modern arch. It felt very modern, yet whimsical.

Bloom & Design trade show

How did you build your booth?

Our booth was on the corner, 8x10 ft. Special thanks to our crafty father, he was able to build our walls 8x8 on each side. The walls consist of 4 pieces that connect together in the back. They were sanded down, primed and painted white. The arch was measured in proportions to the table beneath it. We created the arch 1.5ft larger than the table, proportionally. The arch was built by 4x4s and painted gold to match our aesthetic. 


How did you hang the flowers?

The flowers were hung on a metal rack with wet foam that was placed on top. Once the foam was ready for flowers, we hung the rack to the corners of the arch and arranged the flowers upside down while hanging. This created the floating element in the middle. 

Bloom & Design trade show

Would you do this again?

Of course. Our vision is to create a new and enticing display each year. A trade show like this one gives us the full freedom to design and create a display based on imagination and inspiration of just the both us. Allowing us to show our brides and clients the full potential of our service. We will guide our clients in a direction that best fits their needs, although, we will always consider their dreams and wishes first. 

Another great reason - we loved meeting all the vendors out there! It gives us a great opportunity to meet people who work in the same industry with a different trade. Growing relationships with these vendors will provide great information for our future clients. 

What's your next step?

We got a great sense of the vendors out there and what they can do for our clients. We will thoughtfully gather all the information and curate our preferred vendors list for our clients. Stay tuned for that! :)